2014 Mason Tract Planting Report

During the year of 2014, Paul H. Young Chapter of Trout Unlimited preformed a work project on their site within the Mason Tract at Daisy Bend and the Hanger. A total of 10 larger 6-ft enclosures were installed to growing cedars on the two sites. An additional twelve new seedlings were re-planted in existing locations.

In an attempt to better understand why so many original cedar seedlings continue to appear healthy, but not actively growing; a total of six, one-gallon size container seedlings were planted in two areas within the Mason Tract. We are working with the nursery to determine if the point of planting is lacking the proper nutrients or will this larger, more well develop rooted seedling grow in the same location.  Each of the new seedlings with the larger root mass was planted in the immediate area of a slow growing tree.  We will measure the growth of both trees in the years to come.  Additionally, five more test plantings were conducted in other areas of the Au Sable River Watershed.

This initiative is part of the “Cedars for the Au Sable” project which is administrated by the Au Sable River Property Owners Association.   Additional partners in this project include Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Forest management Unit and Huron Pines RC&D.